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Founded in the mid-1980's and incorporated in 1997, EMC facilitates events in more than 60 consortium regions, across more than 450 communities. Offering a broad range of hands-on programs and services, EMC is helping manufacturers to lower costs, access greater opportunities to compete for business and improve efficiencies in dealing with the day-to-day complexities of running a manufacturing operation.

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EMC Facilitates Events in More Than 60 Consortium Regions

Our members and team are the keys to our success. By continuing to practice the fundamentals that Al initially introduced to members including facilitating the learned behavior of sharing best practices, while always remaining responsive to our member needs, EMC will continue supporting the growth and prosperity of manufacturing in Canada.

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If you are interested in becoming an EMC member, your company must be a manufacturer in Canada. EMC membership’s resources and benefits are available to all of your employees, not just a select few. The head office of EMC is located in Owen Sound, Ontario and is staffed by a dedicated team of employees supporting members and our regional MCM’s to ensure you receive the most from your membership.

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