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Estimated average financial benefit to manufacturing employers yielding a benefit/cost ratio of 1.24 or an estimated return of 24%. Invest in your health & safety today!

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The WSIB’s Health and Safety Excellence Program (HSEp) is Ontario’s only rebate program for Health and Safety. It provides a roadmap for businesses of all sizes to improve workplace Health and Safety. Whether you are getting started or need to enhance your existing program, HSEp is designed to meet your needs.

With the successful implementation of 1 to 5 program topics, you are eligible to receive financial and non-financial rewards from the WSIB. Success in the program can earn you rebates and other non-financial recognition for your investment in Health and Safety. The program connects businesses of all sizes to help you develop a program that is suitable for your business. For over 20 years, EMC has offered the WSIB recognition program to Ontario Manufacturers. We are a WSIB-approved HSEp provider that will help you along the journey to Health and Safety excellence.

Annual enrolment fee: $995 for EMC members / $1295 for Non-Members

How the program works:

Join - EMC is your WSIB-approved training provider. Our health and safety professionals will work with you to help determine where your journey to Health and Safety excellence will start.

Develop - implement topics with the help of EMC and fellow manufacturers.

Demonstrate - submit evidence of topic completion for review by EMC and then a WSIB validator.

Achieve - receive financial and non-financial rewards for the work you do to make your workplace and Ontario safer. Non-financial recognition includes digital achievement badges that you can use personally and are included in the WSIB’s public site Safety Check, which lets other businesses know you are making Health and Safety a priority.

EMC's Health & Safety Services include:

  • Professional Health & Safety Consultants to guide and assist your efforts
  • Online resources including templates, communication portal and training modules
  • Program documentation review to ensure your success
  • On-site validation to provide coaching and guidance
  • Members’ community website with a wealth of resources, tools and templates

New - Small Business Support

Financial support for smaller businesses - click here for more information!

Offering smaller businesses (fewer than 100 FTEs):

  • Double the rebate for complete action plan topics between March 1, 2020 and December 31, 2023.
  • $1,000 towards provider services for an approved action plan in 2022 and 2023.
  • Simplified program requirements tailored to smaller businesses
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I would like to apply on behalf of my company to participate in the Health and Safety Excellence Program.

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  1. Employers must complete an orientation session to participate in the program prior to the start of their action plan and online assessment, as offered by EMC.
  2. Employers must complete the WSIB online assessment and Action Plan, with approval.
  3. Employers must complete topics. Employers are responsible for uploading their completed documentation to the WSIB portal.
  4. Employers must appoint a contact to fulfill the administrative activities required as a participant in the Health and Safety Excellence Program. Should the person appointed change during the year, EMC must be advised.
  5. Employers must attend and participate in at least two Health and Safety Excellence Program meetings/workshops per year as organized by EMC.
  6. If asked, employers must cooperate with WSIB and on-site validation audits as part of the evaluation process.
  7. Employers will pay their EMC Health and Safety Excellence Program fee within 90 days of their action plan being approved by EMC. Any extension to that timeline must be pre-approved with EMC. Failure to meet this deadline may result in removal from the Health and Safety Excellence Program.
  8. Employers must maintain regular contact with EMC. Contact shall be professional and courteous at all times.
  9. If at any time any provision of this agreement is violated, EMC has the right to terminate the agreement and remove the employer from the Health and Safety Excellence Program. Refunds will not be permitted if removed from the program due to agreement violations.
  10. The Health & Safety Excellence program is separate from EMC membership and enrollment fees will be invoiced once the action plan has been approved.

Health & Safety Services

Our services provide participants with current 'best practices' and the necessary tools to implement effective health & safety programs in their facilities.

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