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As one of the largest manufacturing collectives in North America, EMC maintains a member base that's diverse, impactful, and growing larger every day. EMC's members hail from across every province and industry, and comprise a wide variety of sizes and types. No matter what kind of manufacturing business they are, though, they receive access to EMC's vast array of programs, services, and resources! Take a look at some of the companies that make EMC great, and you'll find that we're a consortium suited for every Canadian manufacturer – including you!

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Meet Our Members

Serving Niche Markets

At EMC, we understand that certain manufacturers serve particular niches in various speciality industries. We're proud to offer these businesses a broad range of individualized support, opportunities, and resources tailored to helping them succeed in their own spaces. Our team of experts commands knowledge of all manufacturing niches, and is passionate about helping manufacturers in these areas expand and advance in the way that's right for them.

Funded Programs

**Discover Funding Priorities for your Business Small businesses in Canada have a wide range of opportunities with government-supported tax credits, grants and loans that are in place to incentive firms to increase export sales, create jobs, invest in R&D, and to invest in key government priorities.

In order to identify and start utilizing Canadian government grants and loans for your company's strategic initiatives, contact Amanda Doman for more information.

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