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Being an EMC member provides the perfect forum for building new ideas, discussing innovative concepts, and creating firm relationships with Canadian manufacturers. Bringing people together at the grassroots level is the foundation of Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium, and what makes us unique in our field.

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Manufacturers across Canada today face many issues including the rising cost of commodities, challenges in attracting and retaining skilled employees and escalating competitive pressures. Whether you’re the owner of a manufacturing business, a general manager, plant supervisor or an employee, you play a vital role in the continued success and sustainability of your organization.

Why Become a Member?

  • Connect with other manufacturers who have “been there”
  • Share best practices and lessons learned in a confidential peer setting
  • Participate in plant tours and benchmarking exercises
  • Obtain feedback from peers on standing issues and challenges
  • Create an environment of accountability around taking action
  • Access our team of professionals
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Why Become a Member?

Our Member Benefits

Annual Membership Includes:

  • Full access to EMC Member Exclusive Events
  • Full access to EMC’s Core Programs
  • First access to EMC’s Funded Programs and Initiatives
  • Full access to an EMC Manufacturing Consortium Manager
  • Up to 20% Discount in EMC’s Learning Centre
  • Full access to EMC’s Labour Market Intelligence
  • Full access to EMC Communications
  • And more…
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Our Member Benefits

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If you are interested in becoming an EMC member your company must be a manufacturer in Canada. EMC's membership resources and benefits are available to ALL of your employees, at no extra cost.

EMC's head office is located in Owen Sound, Ontario and is staffed by a dedicated team of experienced people to ensure you receive the most from your membership. If you are interested in becoming an EMC member, please contact us for more details.

Multi-facility discounts are available.

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