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Building on EMC’s extensive Energy and Green Manufacturing Consortium and spanning over two decades of experience in energy management and sustainability, EMC has launched its GreenMFG Network in 2024, providing Canadian manufacturers, sector stakeholders, technology and solution providers, community and government partners with a unique forum for accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy.

EMC’s GreenMFG Network is a targeted national initiative designed to prepare Canada’s manufacturing sector, particularly SMEs, for a more rapid transition to a green, low-carbon economy while achieving measurable progress towards Net Zero. By enabling small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMEs) access to expertise, tools and resources needed to transition to a green and low-carbon production ecosystem, we anticipate measurable increases in productivity and competitiveness. EMC is estimating that participating SMEs will identify significant opportunities to reduce related operational costs, GHG emissions reductions, energy efficiencies and management, translating to millions of dollars in annual savings for the entire sector.

EMC’s GreenMFG Network will be hosting monthly virtual events enabling manufacturers to better understand Green Manufacturing and Clean Technology adoption terminology, subject-matter and the importance of tracking and benchmarking their energy and carbon footprint, mapping opportunities for future continuous and sustainable improvements, clean technology and retrofit opportunities, and process improvements. These events will also engage subject-matter-expert speakers and technology leaders to help raise awareness and understanding needed to measure and implement efficiency solutions and GHG reduction opportunities, Clean Technology solutions and the necessary steps for CleanTech adoption.

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Through its Energy & Green Consortium and GreenMFG Network, EMC is connecting industry stakeholders and community partners, to support your organization’s current efforts towards sustainability and Net Zero and how you are approaching Green Manufacturing and Clean Technology Adoptions.

To find out more, or join EMC's GreenMFG Network, please contact Leah Nacua.

Leah Nacua
GreenMFG Network Facilitator
Scott McNeil-Smith
Vice President, Manufacturing Sector Performance
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