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For 25 years, EMC's extensive collection of programs and services have been vital resources to Canadian manufacturers of all types and sizes. The knowledge and expertise provided by EMC are unmatched by any other manufacturing organization in North America, and have helped countless businesses expand and compete on an international scale. Learn more about EMC's diverse range of programs and services today, and discover the most effective manufacturing support in Canada!

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Every day, Canadian manufacturers of all shapes, sizes, and industries utilize EMC's extensive list of support programs to develop their operations, strengthen efficiency, and advance their organization's production methods. EMC's programs represent the highest caliber of manufacturing support in Canada, and, with the diverse range of assistance available through these initiatives, finding the right program for your business is easy.

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EMC programs have been providing Canadian manufacturers with sector-leading support, knowledge, and expertise for over 25 years, and have helped countless businesses achieve their operational and financial goals. As an EMC member, you'll have access to each of these invaluable manufacturing programs, and be the first to know when new ones are launched. You'll also receive guidance and mentorship throughout your development activities from some of Canada's top manufacturing specialists! Join the EMC family today.

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