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Global Skills Connection

Over the next several years, Canada will welcome thousands of newcomers to help address domestic labour shortages. Manufacturing businesses in any industry can benefit by utilizing immigration to discover knowledgeable, passionate talent!

To assist Canadian manufacturers in the process of making contact with newly-immigrated and foreign trained workers, EMC is launching the Global Skills Connection program — a series of workshops aimed at helping all manufacturers with Canada’s business immigration system. Global Skills Connection courses help domestic manufacturers solve existing and potential recruitment challenges, employ a diverse variety of diligent, enthusiastic newcomers, and capitalize upon internationally-recognized skills and experience!

What kind of business is right for the Global Skills Connection program?

Global Skills Connection workshops are ideal for:

  • Manufacturers eager to address recruitment challenges using newcomer talent
  • Small-to-medium-sized businesses without formal HR representatives to facilitate newcomer recruitment
  • HR representatives looking to strengthen their understanding of international recruitment processes
  • Businesses interested in employing highly-skilled newcomers to supplement automated workflows
  • Companies preparing for sustained expansion through an influx of motivated labour

Global Skills Connection Program Objectives

  • Provide Canadian manufacturers with foundational knowledge of immigration and international recruitment systems
  • Educate business leaders on effectively navigating the Canadian immigration system’s various complexities
  • Clarify perceived ambiguities throughout the international recruitment process
  • Ensure international workers can be immigrated, certified, and recruited in a prompt, efficient manner

Workshops are available in English and French


Next session starts September 5, 2023.

For advanced registration or expression of interest, please contact Amy Edwards, Training Manager.

For more information about our workshops, please click here.

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