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EMC has been collecting and updating labour market information and HR benchmarks, such as compensation levels and turnover rates since 2015. EMC will continue to help manufacturers source this information through its member network.

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Foreign Exchange

More and more Canadian manufacturers are looking at international markets as a way to grow their business. They want to work with a global leader and minimize their exposure in foreign markets. Recent financial challenges highlighted the inherent risks of doing business in an international market place. As Canadian manufacturers increase their supply chain and customer base globally, the need to manage currency exposure is becoming an integral part of day-to-day business.

Grant Funding

Government funding services are available to provide support not only to apply for these programs, but to also assist with the audit and reconciliation process after funding has been secured. Companies may be eligible for a multitude of funding opportunities that they may not be aware of, so it is recommended that a service provider be contacted to ensure that you are optimizing your return from multiple government funding programs.

EMC's Vice President and General Manager, Amanda Doman, is here to assist you with any grant funding questions you might have.

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To grow your business and keep it viable and competitive, innovation is a must. The need to innovate can be motivated by many factors, including customers, market needs, and business necessities. By partnering with the experts and staying in close contact regarding your strategic initiatives you can be assured you will know what is available, the programs for which you will qualify and for which you should apply.

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Industry Pulse

To assist EMC members in obtaining the information they need to make informed decisions, we conduct member benchmarking surveys. These surveys only take a few moments for our members to complete, and the results show the real-time, real-life pulse of the Canadian manufacturing sector.

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Industry Pulse
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