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Recipe for Success!

Since its launch in 2008, EMC’s Food, Beverage & Bio Sector Network has hosted hundreds of regional networking, learning and training events, plant tours, benchmarking events, Conferences, and Summits. It has created growth opportunities for participating food, beverage & bio companies, plus related supply chain partners and other stakeholders.

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How it Works

The premise is simple, but powerful: take part in advanced networking, expert coaching and mentoring, sector resources, plant tours and subject matter expertise. Voila! Our recipe for success = members getting together to network, benchmark, learn sector best practices and share what they’ve learned!

We know EMC’s recipe works because the initiative has grown from coast to coast.

How it Works

Our Value

Our Food, Beverage & Bio sector networks gains exposure to expertise and best practices, through connections with other sector companies, industry experts and government partners, and enabling us to establish strong sector relationships. These opportunities can drive job retention, enhance performance, foster job creation, a improve the bottom line, and stimulate new development.

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Our Value

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Looking for more information on how EMC benefits our members in the food and beverage industry? These document packages have been developed by our food and beverage experts to provide businesses with detailed information on how to succeed in their unique space. Each of these documents are geared towards empowering the efforts of food and beverage manufacturers through EMC's extensive support programs, networking opportunities, and learning resources.

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  • CareersNOW
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