EMC's Energy Solutions Saved Members Nearly $62 Million in the Last 6 Years!

Energy Initiative

As the only not-for-profit energy buying group in Ontario, EMC’s member program is helping hundreds of manufacturers and processors to mitigate energy price volatility and access savings and valuable resources. Our goal is not to sell you energy – it’s to provide you with timely information to make an informed decision.

For Canadian industry, energy represents one of the top concerns, highest input costs and leading operational issue affecting manufacturers today, impacting the entire value chain from sourcing raw materials through to delivering finished products to your customers.

In fact, depending on the sector, energy costs can be higher than payroll costs. Yet many manufacturers still do not have a proper energy management strategy in place… and they’re literally paying the price for it.

The good news is EMC can help. For more than 20 years, EMC’s energy initiatives have provided industry with comprehensive energy management strategies, intelligence, expertise, solutions and support.

Our goal is not to sell you energy or any one solution. EMC provides you with relevant and timely information to make informed decisions… from a resource you can trust.

EMC's Energy Consortium Initiatives focus on 3 main areas:

Energy Procurement:

Through Canada’s largest and only not-for-profit energy buying group for manufacturers, EMC is helping hundreds of manufacturers and processors to mitigate energy price volatility and access savings, driving waste and costs out of their supply chain. Our goals are member-driven and help deliver:

  • Lower cost of operation
  • More flexibility with custom strategies
  • Unique multi-supplier model with better cost stability and predictability
  • Simple invoicing through your local utility
  • Ongoing reporting and metrics
  • Outstanding resources and team of experts

Through our unique, multi-supplier RFP model, EMC’s team drives significant costs out of the supply chain, ensuring you receive the best prices possible, while finding the right suppliers to meet your needs, in each of these areas. And with EMC, there is never a markup your energy prices. 100% of the savings we achieve through competitive tender, flow directly to our members’ bottom line!

Energy Intelligence:

Supported by a team of subject-matter-experts, energy advisors, market intelligence.

Energy Efficiency & Mitigation:

Providing resources for achieving optimization and sustainability, carbon management and renewable energy and enabling manufacturers to implement net zero strategies, use energy more efficiency, and deploy projects that help create a better production ecosystem.

EMC Energy Consortium members are benefiting from an experienced team of subject-matter-experts and initiatives which enable manufacturers to manage and procure energy more competitively, understand and expand their knowledge and capabilities and use energy more efficiently, implement net zero strategies, and deploy projects that helps reduce your energy consumption, while increasing energy efficiency and creating a better production ecosystem with a lower carbon footprint.

Contact Information

Manufacturers can take advantage of EMC’s Energy Consortium and take control of your energy, simply by picking up the phone or contacting our team.

Scott McNeil-Smith
Vice President, Manufacturing Sector Performance
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