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As an EMC member, you have my full and undivided attention! You can challenge me with your want/need or ask, and then go about your hectic day, and let me gather the info, or connect the network to assist you with your challenge.

As we continue with a hybrid virtual world, headed to more face-to-face SIG Events and meetings, I am looking forward to members hosting plant tours at their facilities - such an important part of the SIG Events process. Face-to-face events allow us an opportunity to network and chat over coffee at another members plant (or your facility when you host!), and we get to tour, see, and ask questions on how they solved a problem, or suggest alternative solutions.

I am blessed to have been in touch with so many EMC members these last number of years, as I am a through and through cheerleader for manufacturing in Ontario. Happy to chat or come visit you at your workplace, whenever you need me.

I look forward to connecting with prospective non-members of EMC, to assist you in understanding the value that EMC provides to it’s members. Let’s chat.

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Craig Mannell
Manufacturing Consortium Manager

Upcoming Events

Workplace Culture & Continuous Improvement

VirtualFriday, September 22, 2023, 9:00am EST
Do your strategic initiatives get implemented fully and on time? Are previous improvements sustained and improved upon, months and years down the road? If you have ever answered "no" to either of these questions, please know that you are not alone. Discussions with manufacturers (and service providers) across Canada indicate that change is only 20% the result of evaluating a new tool or method (the "technical" side of change). The remaining 80% of effort to make improvements in the workplace has to do with "people". Their willingness to evaluate, embrace, and implement changes is a very significant concern. Companies that have found a way of improving the "people" side of change report that this is also an incredible opportunity.

MacLean Engineering Plant Tour

Owen SoundThursday, October 12, 2023, 9:00am EST
MacLean Engineering, in Owen Sound, is hosting an on-site session review of their new Safety Training System and also a plant tour.

See Your Present More Clearly

VirtualWednesday, November 8, 2023, 9:00am EST
Looking to become a much more focused organization? Would you like to improve your financials with time-tested processes that improve net income and grow profitability? Please join us for a virtual discussion with Dave Sherman. Dave is a founding EMC member, former National President of Hobart Canada and most recently COO of Caframo.

Provisions Food Company Plant Tour

Beamsville, ONTuesday, April 16, 2024, 8:30am EST
Please join a small group of food and beverage peers to discuss (topic to be determined) and have a plant tour of Provisions Food Company, located in Beamsville, ON.
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