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The Manufacturing Essentials Certification (MEC) initiative designed to build the skills and confidence of the manufacturing workforce using a Skills for Success framework. It includes key skills such as problem solving, innovation, collaboration, and communication. Developed to support the manufacturing industry with increased productivity, improved workplace culture, higher employee engagement, stronger leadership, and a more collaborative working environment.

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Getting Certified

Participants in EMC's MEC program stream curriculum have many opportunities to utilize and verify their knowledge in the classroom and beyond. Through active contributions to their sessions' learning exercises and collaboration on an effective Workplace Performance Project, participants will receive an EMC MEC Certificate or Micro-Credential, confirming their manufacturing skill.

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Getting Certified

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The MEC program is one of the most thorough skill development initiatives for Canadian manufacturing employees. Graduates of MEC routinely go on to develop successful careers with Canada's top manufacturers, and enjoy an unmatched level of manufacturing knowledge, experience, and expertise. Classroom sizes are limited, so don't delay – enrol your workers in one of Canada's leading training courses now!

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