Senior Management Workshop Supporting Green and Sustainable Manufacturing Capabilities

Green Manufacturing Management Workshop

Sustainable Manufacturing faces a few barriers to implementation; the first of which is a lack of awareness of the capabilities required, as well as the potential magnitude and appropriate priority for senior leadership and corporate levels. A key challenge in understanding the business case for sustainable manufacturing is a lack of awareness of profitable paths for securing your organization’s Environmental Social Governance (ESG) objectives.


As the senior leadership complement to EMC’s MEC Green Skills in Manufacturing Certification Program, the Green Manufacturing Management Workshop is an industry-driven program designed to help Canadian manufacturing and related sector leaders, to better prepare for a more rapid transition to a green and low carbon / net zero, clean manufacturing ecosystem, with the profitable business case in mind.

This workshop is recommended for senior manufacturing leadership, executive / c-suite, senior and operational management. Ideally, participants will be key decision makers related to company priorities, including (but not limited to) green/sustainable manufacturing, energy and resource management, approving / implementing carbon footprint reduction targets, and/or deploying ESG objectives.

During this workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Understand what sustainable manufacturing means and how to develop green and sustainable initiatives;
  • Design a credible and affordable path to achieve your organization’s ESG targets;
  • Identify and quantify strategic opportunities for improvement; and
  • Increase employee alignment, engagement and shift culture.

Completion Requirements:

To complete the workshop criteria necessary for certification, participants are committing complete the following elements over a 1 or 2-week period (depending on delivery format) including:

  • Attend and participate in both (2) workshop modules (either virtual or in classroom). Each module is 1½ hours.
  • Actively participate in workshop elements and discussion / Q&A sessions.
  • Complete hands-on assignment using your facility’s own data to quantify potential economic, environmental and social gains potentially available to the facility(s) under your care.
  • Draft a 2-to-3-page/slide strategy outline and rationale for deployment of sustainable manufacturing in your organization / facility.


  • March 26, 2024

  • March 27, 2024

Training is available in English.

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