Forklift Safety Training Refresher

This is a refresher program where we review the key elements of our standard forklift certification training.


Course Summary:

This Forklift Safety Training Refresher is not recommended for new forklift operators or those who have not taken a CSA compliant Forklift Safety Training program in the past 5 years.

Discussed Topics:

  • The legal requirements
  • Causes of forklift related accidents
  • Hazards associated with the operation of a forklift, equipment, environment, and materials you handle
  • How to ensure the safety of other workers in the area
  • How to Inspect your lift truck
  • Lift truck stability triangle and trapezoid, centre of gravity load, capacity of your lift truck or forklift
  • The effects of speed, acceleration, sharp cornering, etc.
  • Main components of the lift truck with emphasis on the lifting/handling systems and their basic functions
  • The hazards associated with the workplace in which he/she will be working. Creation of Safety Rules to follow
  • Fueling of a lift truck including Propane, Diesel and Batteries
  • How operators can make a difference
  • Course includes one documented Driving Evaluation of the operators driving skill


February 2, 2024

Training is available in English.

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