Build greater productivity success through lean productivity!

Continuous Improvement Initiative for Nova Scotia Manufacturers

EMC is helping manufacturers and related industries in Nova Scotia through an initiative focused on building greater productivity success through Advancing Lean/Productivity and Cluster Initiatives. Senior managers and designated members of your management team are encouraged to participate.


Continuous Improvement Initiative For Nova Scotia Manufacturers

Unlock unparalleled potential with EMC's Continuous Improvement Initiative, designed exclusively for Nova Scotia manufacturers! Elevate your operations to new heights with cutting-edge strategies and industry-leading practices that drive efficiency, innovation, and growth. Experience transformative workshops, hands-on training, and expert guidance tailored to your unique challenges. Together, we'll revolutionize your processes, enhance productivity, and better position your business.

Eligible manufacturers will receive the following, as part of the initiative:

This initiative is proudly supported by Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC), Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and the Province of Nova Scotia Labour, Skills and Immigration (LSI).

Contact Information

Initiative spaces are limited, so register early!

Amy Edwards
Training Manager
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