Build greater productivity success through lean productivity!

Lean Leader & Management Systems Certificate Program

EMC is helping manufacturers and related industries in Nova Scotia through an initiative focused on building greater productivity success through Advancing Lean/Productivity and Cluster Initiatives. Senior managers and designated members of your management team are encouraged to participate.


Lean Leader & Management Systems Program Overview - For Nova Scotia Manufacturers

EMC is deploying a Lean Leader & Management Systems Certificate Program designed to provide industry with enhanced productivity improvement knowledge, networking/benchmarking resources and new management and productivity system training, beginning September 12.

EMC’s Lean Leader & Management Systems Certificate Program enables participants to learn, measure, adjust, implement and sustain their own company’s strategic lean planning, while at the same time achieving positive ROI impact while they learn.

With the added value of networking and benchmarking with peers through a unique productivity cluster approach, participating companies will also realize potential project ROI targets ranging from $25,000 to 100,000 while completing the program! In a recent program cohort, annual ROI ranged from $50,000 to $400,000+ for participating companies!

The Lean Leader & Management Systems Certificate Program training program will be deployed virtually, over ten 1/2-day modules. Facilitators will maintain flexibility in content delivery based on participant/organization needs. The following schedule and agenda will be used to guide the program:

MODULE 1: Introduction to Lean Leader & Lean Management Systems

MODULE 2: Leadership & Management of Change, Part 1

MODULE 3: Leadership & Management of Change, Part 2

MODULE 4: Value Stream Mapping, Current State

MODULE 5: Value Stream Mapping, Future State

MODULE 6: Developing Value Stream Metrics, Visual Management & Controls

MODULE 7: Leader Standard Work and Accountability Process

MODULE 8: Root Cause Problem Solving

MODULE 9: Kaizen Facilitation

MODULE 10: Program & Project Summarization

This certificate program is proudly supported by Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC), ACOA (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency) and LSI (Labour, Skills and Immigration).

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Program spaces are limited, so register early!

Amy Edwards
Training Manager
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