Raise Knowledge, Experience and Execution Strategies for Problem Solving

Productivity and Continuous Improvement

Participants use customized tools and processes throughout the program to learn, plan and execute a workplace performance project that will benefit them, their team and company. They will gain hands on experience with applying the A3 and PDCA approach to problem solving regardless of type of challenge faced.


About the Program

This certificate program is an initiative designed for high potential (promotable) employees, existing support staff and leaders of all levels. The program focuses on raising the knowledge, experience and execution of problem solving and continuous improvement throughout organizations. Through presentation, discussion and group learning, participants will apply their experiences by completing a Workplace Performance Project (WPP) suitable to test their skills and abilities in leading a team to get results. Developing these skills supports increased productivity, improved workplace processes and culture, enhanced team communication, higher employee engagement and overall promotes a collaborative working environment.

This project provides participants with knowledge, tools and confidence to use for future improvement opportunities. This program provides skills training using industry validated content, live or virtually facilitated learning blended with e-learning and an action based workplace performance project. Sessions can be run in a cluster format - the blend of several different organizations in one session, or in a stand-alone format -private to just your organization. The program is offered in both online and in-person formats; both of which include ongoing support from professional trainers.

Learning Pathway

Root Cause Problem Solving & Process Improvement

  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Business Case
  • Presentations
  • PDCA - Plan, Do, Check, Act
  • A3 Problem Solving
  • Measurements
  • Project Leadership

Execution of Projects

  • In Class Activities
  • Homework Assignments
  • Workplace Performance (Improvement) Project

Workplace Performance Project

  • Trial for both Participant and Employer
  • Hands on Experience
  • Mentorship

Engaged employees are more productive, loyal and drive profitability.

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SCHEDULE: Begins: May 9, 2024

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