The Value of Networking in Atlantic Canada

Manufacturers in Atlantic Canada are always eager to build connections with their peers, and the value of these relationships benefits every business involved. Let’s examine many of the advantages that developing a local network can provide to Maritime manufacturers.

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During a recent EMC networking event with Bouctouche Bay Industries — one of New Brunswick’s leading manufacturers of commercial fishing products — EMC representatives Deanna MacDonald and Joan Richard enjoyed bright sunshine, delicious oysters, and the company of Atlantic Canada’s top manufacturing experts. After a deluge of COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, this opportunity for in-person networking was greatly appreciated by all attendants, and allowed for meaningful discussion to be held in an inclusive, productive environment. As the event drew to a close, MacDonald and Richard began to reflect on the importance of communication and collaboration for Atlantic Canada’s manufacturers, and further realized the value of networking — in any way — for this sector’s business leaders.

(Attendees of the EMC networking event at Bouctouche Bay Industries.)

One of the defining features of Atlantic Canadian culture is the eagerness to build strong relationships, and the region’s manufacturing base is certainly no exception to this rule. Relationships between manufacturers are important, especially in Canada’s Maritime provinces. As businesses with strong presences in many global economies, being able to form meaningful, effective connections with each other allows these enterprises to remain competitive on an international scale. By sharing ideas, processes, and, in many cases, resources, manufacturers in Atlantic Canada continuously improve their activities and local economies, creating a cycle of perpetual growth and development. As many manufacturers have doubtlessly become aware over the past few years, operating without powerful working bonds is detrimental to every aspect of production and distribution, and can seriously impact the activities of an otherwise-effective organization. Networking — and networking in close proximity especially — provides all businesses involved with critical safeguards and contingencies, keeping them well-prepared for negative circumstances of any kind.

Consider also the types of relationships that manufacturers typically maintain, and the different kinds of value that can be derived from them. Every manufacturer has needs for equipment, staff, and related operational resources, and, by utilizing their networks, they can gain easy access to these supplies through business-to-business commerce. This kind of buyer-seller relationship is particularly valuable in Atlantic Canada. As many manufacturers utilize the same kinds of materials and machinery to produce their goods in this region, these resources can be bought, sold, and shared easily and without delay. As many Atlantic Canadian manufacturers begin to diversify their range of products, these relationships can also serve as vital channels to new partners or consumers in an innumerable amount of industries — domestically and abroad. Fortunately for manufacturers, networking isn’t a finite process, and, by utilizing the connections that their peers’ networks provide, Maritime businesses can overcome the barriers between different target demographics without significant investments in time or money.

Manufacturers in Atlantic Canada aren’t just willing to network — they’re passionate about establishing mutually-beneficial partnerships with peers of any size, shape, or industry. The benefits of developing extensive networks are limitless, and, when each member of the network has a firm grasp on the needs, processes, and operating environments of their colleagues, the collaborative opportunities for success become even greater. Take advantage of the shared experiences, knowledge, and insight of your fellow Atlantic Canadian manufacturers, and you’ll discover a range of expertise that can’t be found anywhere else.

Start networking in Atlantic Canada today with an EMC membership, and attend EMC events often for more networking opportunities with Maritime manufacturing leaders!

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