The Importance of Resilience in Self-Care

Busy, uncertain schedules make self-care difficult. Resilience can help overcome these obstacles and lead to stronger engagement and heightened productivity.

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Striking the right balance between productivity and self-care has always been a struggle, and this is especially true in times of uncertainty. We can often experience feelings of guilt or discouragement when making priorities outside of work, which can lead to distraction, stress, and miscommunication. Maintaining proper self-care is crucial to effectiveness, though — it strengthens professional relationships, sparks motivation, and inspires confidence in one’s own abilities. When you encounter difficulties in caring for yourself, take stock of your personal resilience: How can you make time for the things you want to do in a healthy, constructive way? Through constant use of resilience, you’ll learn that self-care can be woven into every part of your day, and can strengthen your abilities in any environment.

When evaluating your sense of resilience, understand what this attribute is before applying it. Resilience is not the ability to ignore problems — it is the ability to address problems in a healthy way, even if solutions are not readily apparent. Consider how you employ resilience in your day-to-day activities. Are you engaged at work? Are you interested? Do you communicate well with others? These questions are crucial to one’s performance, especially when working remotely. In the past, we often built resilience when we were alert, but not actively performing, such as when commuting or during meetings. As the face of our work environment continues to change, we must carve out this time for ourselves. Can you re-arrange your tasks in a more productive way? Can you reschedule certain events or assignments to make time for you?

There are many methods of self-care which can be easily incorporated into your workday. Meditation, for example, has recently been gaining popularity as a healthy, convenient way of supporting oneself in an otherwise busy schedule. Through online video sources, websites, and mobile applications, there has never been an easier time to begin meditating. Many of these platforms, such as Calm, Headspace, and Smiling Mind, offer brief sessions that can be slotted before, between, or after other engagements, making them ideal for the busy employee. Additionally, those who perform highly often use periods of self-care to exercise gratitude. Take some time out of each day to consider what you’re thankful for, and try to express your gratitude to others however you can. Pleasant greetings, acts of kindness, and motivational actions can be performed effortlessly, and serve to strengthen both your relationships with others and your own sense of self-worth.

By incorporating simple acts of self-care into your everyday routine, you’ll see your sense of resilience increase dramatically, and your engagement at work soar. Through proper scheduling, simple exercises, and a willingness to improve, you’ll find that self-care has become a habit, and harvest the benefits of personal motivation in every aspect of your life.

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