Strong recruiters can be valuable to a business’s hiring process.

Selecting an Effective Recruiter

Recruiters are your business’s first point-of-contact for job-seekers, and can set the tone of your entire hiring process. By understanding what makes a recruiter effective, you’ll be able to easily obtain high-quality labour and provide your workers with the knowledge they need.

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Strong recruiters can be valuable to a business’s hiring process, but many Canadian manufacturers are using recruiters that struggle to capture potential workers’ interests. It’s important to remember that, in many ways, a recruiter acts as the face of your organization in the job pool — they are typically the first person within your business that a job-seeker makes contact with, and, as such, sets the tone for the entire interview process. Choosing an effective recruiter is easy if you keep the following attributes in mind!

Strong communication skills

There isn’t any getting around it: your recruiters must have strong communication skills if they’re going to be working directly with job-seekers. Today’s employees expect a significant deal of eloquence, diplomacy, and empathy in their employers, and, if your recruiters aren’t able to display those values, potential workers will view your entire business in a poor light. Your recruiters should have a strong sense of contextual awareness surrounding their duties and the job-seekers that they work with — they should be able to speak to potential workers clearly and with a friendly tone. They should have the tact and conversational skills to avoid offending or upsetting the applicant, and they should never scold or speak harshly to them. If most of your workers don’t speak English or French as their first language, the recruiter should have an understanding of these applicants’ preferred languages — and, ideally, they should be fluent in them, or employ teammates who are. Communication is critical throughout the entire interview process.

Organizational knowledge and understanding

Recruiters should also be extremely knowledgable about the activities, processes, and particulars of your company and of the roles they are seeking to fill. Applicants will likely have several questions to ask during the interview process, and, as many of these questions could be quite specific, being able to answer them accurately and immediately will be key to your recruiters’ success. If you’re promoting an employee to the level of recruiter, ensure that they already have a deep understanding of your company’s operations, your employment practices, and the technical details of your business’s available roles. Before any interviews begin, provide your recruiters with a thorough briefing of expectations for the role, and encourage them to make these requests known to job-seekers. Ensuring that your recruiting staff has the information they need to keep applicants informed during the hiring process is essential to securing worker trust, and reflects well on your company’s preparedness in the greater manufacturing landscape.

The right recruiter is just as important to the hiring process as the securing the right applicant. Remember that the purpose of an interview is to produce and gather information in a way that makes your company appealing. Effective recruiters are able to build firm connections with job-seekers, empowering them throughout their range of interviews and putting them in the best possible position to begin serving your business. Utilize the talents of a friendly, knowledgable recruiter, and you’ll find that obtaining labour is quick, easy, and impactful!

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