Becoming a more powerful, more recognizable brand

EMC's Newly Expanded Logo

On behalf of Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC), I am proud to share the launch of our brand's refreshed look and feel!

In recent years, the transition to online business has been unwavering; evolutionary, in fact. EMC is embracing this transition and as a result, will evolve to become a more powerful, more recognizable brand presence for the benefit of the Canadian manufacturing sector.

Expanding outside of the box!

​Our refreshed logo expands EMC's signature cube to showcase an explosion of idea generation and program offerings that support manufacturers across Canada. The elements of EMC are represented by each surface of the expanded cube - the value of excellence, the focus on manufacturing and the collaboration of consortium-based networks.

​We meet manufacturers where they are.

​EMC was formed by manufacturers, for manufacturers and offers industry expertise in the areas of productivity, quality, purchasing, supply chain, energy, health & safety, continuous improvement, operations, human resources and much more.

​Connect with your consortium of manufacturers today! ​

JP Giroux | President

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium

Tel: 866-323-4362 | Mobile: 613-447-8838

Canada's Largest Manufacturing Consortium

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