Debunking Ergonomics Myths - Seating

When it comes to ergonomics, if you’re unsure what is fact and what is fiction, a Certified Ergonomist can help!

There are some thoughts that are so widespread that they seem to be and are taken as truth. This is true even in the world of ergonomics. So, what is fact, and what is fiction? In this article, our Certified Ergonomists will dispel some common ergonomics myths related to seating.

MYTH # 1: Ergonomic chairs = Ergonomic workstations

FACT: An ergonomic chair is only the first step (albeit one of the most important ones) to an ergonomic workstation that optimizes the comfort, productivity, and wellbeing of employees. If employees are sitting at a standard 29” high desk, many will require either a footrest to support their feet or an adjustable keyboard tray to lower the keyboard / mouse surface.

MYTH # 2: Adjusting an office chair is intuitive; employess don’t need training

FACT: Most employees know what one or two of the levers on their chairs do. In order to have the maximum benefit from an investment in an ergonomic chair, and any equipment for that matter, employees need to know not only what the adjustment feature does, but how to adjust it to best fit them. A chair adjustment video is a quick and helpful resource that can provide this knowledge.

MYTH # 3: I’m not experiencing discomfort, I don’t need to make changes to my workstation

FACT: The types of injuries that occur from poor workstation set-up are cumulative in nature, meaning that daily decisions about your workstation set-up and working posture affect the wear and tear on the body. Lack of discomfort today does not mean lack of discomfort 2-3 years in the future.


Talk to ERGO Inc. about our education sessions (in-person or virtually) to teach employees how to set-up their workstation according to their specific needs. This is especially critical if employees are using shared workstation. Sessions can be customized to include how to adjust the specific furniture used at your facility.

Material written and supplied by Ergo Inc.

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