Workshop for Psychological Health & Safety

Mental Health in the Workplace: The Essentials

A comprehensive introduction to the relevance and importance of understanding mental health in the workplace.


Course Summary

This workshop provides an introduction to mental health in the workplace and will provide clear direction for incorporating employee mental health into your organization’s occupational health and safety policies, as well as day-to-day practices. Participants gain confidence in navigating situations involving mental health at work sensitively and effectively and learn the vital role they can play in making the workplace a psychologically safer and healthier place to be.

Participants Will Learn & Apply These Skills:

  • What is mental health and what is the impact in the workplace?
  • Barriers to mental wellness in the workplace
  • Recognizing signs of mental distress
  • Appropriate response to mental distress
  • Obligations, Boundaries, and engaging further supports
  • A proactive approach to mental health

Course Methods:

This virtually facilitated workshop format may have participants working with peers from their own company, and/or other industries. Each interactive workshop session will include:

  • Training and group interpretation/discussion of new concepts and content
  • Classroom practice with each critical tool
  • Time for each participant to plan their subsequent implementation of beneficial improvements
  • Facilitation & discussion with experienced coaches

Duration: 1/2 Day

Learning Environment: Virtual

Schedule: June 13, 2024


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