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For nearly a decade, manufacturers have been using EMC’s Opportunity Alerts as a great way to grow their business finding qualified B2B sources from across Canada. EMC's Opportunity Alerts provides member manufacturers with a great way to:

  • Post opportunities to expand their supply chain and qualify local / Canadian suppliers
  • Bid on RFP’s to potentially win new business
  • Access local/regional resources and seek partner opportunities

EMC’s Opportunity Alerts Forum is a safe way for manufacturers and our trusted partners to post and respond to opportunities… and reach manufacturers directly.

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What Qualifies for the EMC Opportunity Alert Forum?

Request for Proposals / Quotation (RFP / RFQ):

  • Manufacturers looking to source suppliers and/or have specific for a part to be made and identify who can make it.

Joint Ventures / Looking to Partner:

  • Manufacturers and related industries looking to share costs and save money, this can include items like coordinated shipping to fill containers or shared resources, and even manufacturing partnerships.

Government Opportunities, Industry Stakeholders and Funding:

  • Source of financing or local/regional resources to partners and stakeholders can post related opportunities for manufacturers to access these programs.

This is a Member Exclusive service. Please login to our website to post your opportunity, or email Menai Collins.

Current Opportunities

Chemical Products/Components for VW/Power CO St. Thomas EV Battery Plant

Please let me know if you can supply these or know of anyone who can. • Electrolyte • Separator • Copper Foil • Aluminum Foil • Conductive Slurry • Binder PVDF • Binder CMC • Binder SBR • Insolation Layer • Carbon Black • SWCNT

Chemical Products/Components for VW/Power CO St. Thomas EV Battery Plant

Contract Work - Painting

An EMC Member company who builds and adapts electric bikes is looking to sub-contract work (specifically painting / finishing for their raw chassis) somewhere around Manitoba.

If interested, or know of a company who does this work, please contact me...

Contract Work - Painting

Looking for Partner Company

A project developer in clean energy and environmental protection engineering is looking for a partner company for prototyping and manufacturing of an unmanned robot that can do a snow removal, ice removal, lawnmower, or road cleaning, originally powe...

Looking for Partner Company

Wood Supplier

EMC member who sold an obsolete piece of equipment to a firm in South Africa needs to crate the equipment with special wood, in order to meet international shipping requirements. The reference seems to be ISPM 15 standard (pest- and parasite-free). T...

Wood Supplier

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