PLC Hardware - Intro to PLCs

This program covers the essentials of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) from their origins and structure to installation practices and advanced topics like networking and analog signal handling. Ideal for technicians seeking efficient control system knowledge.


This training program includes the following 4 courses:

Course 1: Overview of Control Systems

This is an introduction to the origins, and purpose of Programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Estimated Duration: 40 minutes   

Course 2: PLC Structure and Organization

This is an introductory overview of the major components of a programmable logic controller (PLC), including the power supply, central processing unit (CPU), memory, input devices, output devices, and status indicators. It also explains how these components are structured within the PLC. Estimated Duration: 60 minutes  

Course 3: Installation and Setup Practices

You will learn about the wiring connections for power connections, input and output modules. You will also learn about the devices used for surge suppression and some simple troubleshooting techniques. Estimated Duration: 60 minutes 

Course 4: Advanced Topics

This is a brief explanation of programmable logic controller (PLC) networking. PLC networks allow technicians to maintain PLCs without travelling to the PLCsʹ locations. It also discusses how special modules are used to work with analog input and output signals.  Estimated Duration: 25 minutes 

Course 5: Electronic Signals

This is an introduction to some basic concepts related to electronic signals. Estimated Duration: 30 minutes


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