Regular maintenance of production machinery is essential to the efficiency and productivity of manufacturing processes. In this course, participants will gain complete knowledge of the “Lock-Out” and “Tag-Out” systems to keep their organization’s machines secure, and will understand how to properly engage with fuel supplies to eliminate risk.


Under the Ontario Health & Safety Act Lockout / Tagout Training is mandatory by law. In fact, employers, supervisors and workers can be fined for failure to comply with lockout requirements.Our dedicated staff of professional trainers teach participants procedures in controlling hazardous energy and how to effectively control energized equipment in the workplace.

This course will teach the importance of the supervisor's role in ensuring compliance, review legal applications/ramifications - OH & SA related fines & penalties, and more.

Participants will receive training in the following elements

  • What is Lockout/Tagout?
  • Manager & Employee Responsibilities.
  • Lockout/Tagout Regulations.
  • Forklift Lockout/Tagout.
  • Machine Lockout/Guarding.
  • Pre-installation Inspections.
  • How to Identify Lockout Situations.
  • Worst Case Scenarios.
  • Energy Forms.
  • Lockout/Tagout Devices.
  • The Six-Step Lockout/Tagout Procedures.

DURATION: One (1) 4 hour Session

LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: In-Person Classroom or Virtual Workshop

SCHEDULE: Please contact Amy Edwards, EMC's Training Manager, at 1-866-323-4362 for upcoming course dates and times.

Training is available in English.

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Amy Edwards
Training Manager
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