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An EMC GreenMFG Network Event

Advancing Sustainability through Robotics, Automation, and Green Technology

Join us for an insightful exploration of the relationship between robotics, automation, and green technology in fostering sustainability within manufacturing.

Thursday, June 20, 2024, 1:00pm EST

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the Canadian economy, representing 99.8% of all firms. Their importance makes them key players in helping Canada achieve its emissions reduction goals. It is estimated that SMEs generate 52% of all greenhouse gases produced by Canadian businesses. This is equivalent to 41% of Canada’s total emissions. Unfortunately, their large carbon footprint exposes them to significant transition risks, on top of the physical risks they face as a result of climate change.

Companies also face headwinds to fighting climate change, such as inflation, high interest rates and labour shortages. In addition, they often lack the knowledge and expertise to move forward. Yet despite these challenges, half of Canadian SMEs have already acted to deal with these risks. These businesses are seeing a rapid return on their investment. They are also growing more quickly than other companies, proving that investing in climate action, robotics and automation makes business sense.


  • What is sustainable manufacturing?
  • How can you develop an automation strategy
  • What are the 6 Ds of automation
  • How are companies successfully implementing sustainable manufacturing practices

During this insightful and interactive presentation, you will learn about the relationship between robotics, automation, and green technology in fostering sustainability within manufacturing.


Carla Heim, Director, Sustainability Strategy and Operations, BDC Carla has worked in Sustainability for more than a decade focused on the SMEs journey through economic, social, and environmental impact. She is a leading figure in the national movement of entrepreneurs in the B Corp community who create for-profit companies that help build robust communities that are inclusively prosperous and climate resilient. She now leads a team who is developing Sustainability tools and resources for SMEs that emphasize their opportunities for the future. Carla has thirty-plus years’ experience in owning, managing, advising, and financing businesses. She brings to entrepreneurs a singular mix of hands-on experience, deep expertise, and successful sustainability integration.

Vincent Bombardier, Senior Business Advisor, BDC Advisory Services, Automation and Robotic With over 20 years of experience in automation, instrumentation, and robotics, Vincent has been a trusted advisor to various industries throughout his career. His expertise lies in designing, manufacturing, and integrating automated cells for a wide range of businesses, including food processing, transportation equipment, machinery, and plastic manufacturing. Vincent’s passion lies in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises by assessing their technology needs, capacities, and goals. His hands-on experience in these industries has uniquely positioned him to guide businesses in adopting and implementing new technologies effectively.

Advancing Sustainability through Robotics, Automation, and Green Technology

Hosted by EMC's GreenMFG Network.

Thursday, June 20, 2024, 1:00pm EST

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