More than a Custom Roll Former...

RPM Rollformed Metal Products

RPM is your domestic solution for a global product.

RPM is a division of the New Era Group. We are a family-owned and Canadian-operated custom roll former. Since 1988 RPM has grown its portfolio from fenestration and furniture commodities into industries such as material handling, racking, solar, window and doors, conveyors, transport, agriculture, greenhouse, and we continue to grow our capabilities...

For over 30 years RPM has been your GO TO team for custom Roll forming. Because of our flexibility with all high-volume programs, and by offering a release schedule or stocking programs for your J.I.T. inventory needs, you have more control of inventory and cash flow. Our progressive technology contributes to precise processing, which means we adhere to very tight tolerances and our ISO 9001:2015 process ensures QA traceability and excellent quality.

Our experienced technicians, engineering, and procurements teams are highly skilled in all aspects of the custom forming process, giving you excellent value for your investment. We know the process of custom roll forming is more consistent and responsive than the process of press braking, or extrusion. Volume-driven programs will see savings across the program. As an added value, the RPM process includes the expertise of metallurgists, metal labs, and prototyping for metals with various chemistries, and variable surface coatings. RPM Rollformed Metal Products is your GO TO Team for your custom roll-forming needs

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