WILWorks Skilled Trades in Advanced Manufacturing

Developing the next generation for skilled trades in advanced manufacturing

WILWorks Skilled Trades in Advanced Manufacturing program introduces youth (15-29) to high demand skilled trades in advanced manufacturing.

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About the Program

Canada's skilled worker shortage is a pressing issue, especially in the manufacturing sector, where demand is soaring due to rapid technological advancements and impending retirements. WILWorks Skilled Trades in Advanced Manufacturing is a pre-apprenticeship program for youth (15-29), providing the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in advanced manufacturing trades.

This program is designed to create a skilled workforce for Canada’s manufacturing future, utilizing employer-led, hands-on training and mentorship. Participants gain access to online self-directed e-learning focused on introductory technical skills for industrial mechanic millwrights and industrial electricians.

Our employer-friendly approach lets you integrate training easily, while participants gain valuable, real-world experience during a training period of up to 20 weeks. Funded by the Government of Canada's Canadian Apprenticeship Strategy, together we can build the manufacturing workforce of tomorrow!

Limited spaces available.

Employer FAQ

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Program Funding

The program offers employers wage subsidies of 50% of participant’s wages to a maximum of $5,000 for a training period of 8 to 20 weeks.

Training Overview

Upskill your workforce by equipping learners with valuable knowledge through a blend of customizable e-learning and hands-on training. Employers select from a range of mechanical and electrical topics, with optional lean manufacturing and employability skills training.

Your experienced employees will act as trainers and mentors while providing hands on training; infusing e-learning with real-world applications while fostering meaningful relationships.

Trades Currently Explored in the Program

Employer Benefits

  • Build a pipeline of skilled trade enthusiasts for future employment
  • Identify and upskill current frontline workers with an interest in a skilled trades
  • Empower your employees with introductory technical training, boosting their expertise
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Employer Eligibility

  • A registered Canadian business or organization
  • A member of Canada's manufacturing sector or a related sector
  • Availability of personnel with relevant skills in the assigned technical concepts,
  • Commitment to provide mentor led hands-on training for the learner.

Participant Eligibility

  • Current employees, new hires and students aged 15-29
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada,
  • Not enrolled in an apprenticeship program,
  • Not currently working in their desired field, and
  • Not licensed in a skilled trade.

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