Working at Heights

Many manufacturing processes require that workers perform their duties at significant heights using heavy machinery and mechanical production equipment. To protect the safety of employees and property when work is being held in elevated environments, this course provides manufacturing leaders with the information necessary to develop effective height safety protocol.


Course Summary:

Many modern manufacturing processes require that workers perform their duties at levels of significant elevation, oftentimes alongside heavy equipment and fragile production materials. This course offers a wide variety of information on remaining safe and secure when working at great heights, and provides participants with a thorough explanation of protective practices, requirements, and resources commonly utilized in elevated working environments.

Also discussed in great detail during this course are a variety of modern fall prevention systems, which utilize specialized equipment and protocol to maintain worker security even in the case of an accident. This material is key to remaining safe, expedient, and productive at significant heights, and grants participants the knowledge and experience necessary to establish a culture of height safety in their own organizations.

Discussed Topics:

  • Modern height safety procedures, equipment, and requirements.
  • Categorizing the different types of high workplaces and height-related accidents.
  • Identifying sources of potential risk when working at significant heights.
  • Effective utilization of height safety equipment and resources.
  • Understanding the various forms of Fall Arrest Systems and their corresponding activities.
  • The importance of frequently inspecting and maintaining elevated working environments and related equipment.
  • Determining the requirements for height-related rescue training.

DURATION: One (1) Day-Long Session

LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: Participant Facilities or In-Person Classroom


  • April 29th – Barrie
  • May 8th – Ottawa
  • May 17th – Vaughan

Training is available in English.

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