Reduce or eliminate redundant workplace activity and reclaim your time

Take Control of Your Time in 3 Steps

This self-paced e-learning module will showcase improvements made by leaders in other industries, including tools and methods displayed with sample content included from actual workplace improvements. Note that participants who have completed this e-learning module can advance their skills further by registering in the Workshop, or Workshop series, as these formats expand on what is learned within the e-learning module.


Course Summary

Front-line leaders often find themselves with competing priorities. On the one hand leaders have activities related to long-term strategy that deserve careful planning and execution. These are the “should do” activities to make beneficial improvements in the processes they champion. However, on the other hands front-line leaders work with the reality of unexpected, urgent, short-term priorities. These become the “must do” tasks on already crowded calendars.

Participants Will Learn & Apply These Skills:

  • Unique (but proven) analysis tools to understand and articulate where time is being spent
  • An evaluation method to categorize activities into Strategic, Proactive, Reactive, and Detractive tasks
  • Continuous Improvement tools to transform Reactive tasks into Proactive activity
  • Methods to work with peers on other shifts & departments to reduce wasted time for everyone
  • Strategies to manage the expectations of leaders

Participant Testimonial

It was really hard to make time for that Safety/5S audit, or to update that KPI… when I had 3 people call in sick, the schedule needed to be changed because we couldn’t find the parts, and we just discovered we may need to sort and rework what was done by the previous shift. Now that I have completed this course, I am starting to see an improvement in the number of emergencies I have to find time to deal with.

Duration: 1 hour

Learning Environment: Virtual

Schedule: Self Directed E-Learning


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