Mistake Proofing (Poka-Yoke)

Continuous improvement processes are an excellent resource for stoking beneficial change in a manufacturing organization. However, these systems are prone to being interrupted by careless mistakes. During this session, participants will understand why mistakes arise, how they impact continuous improvement, and the effect of insufficient planning on an organization’s productivity.


Course Summary:

Participants will also be introduced to a wide-variety of timely mistake-proofing strategies, and receive thorough instruction on how these activities can be implemented and utilized in their own workplaces. This course is ideal for manufacturing workers of any kind who are eager to strengthen their preparation abilities and reduce the possibility of operational error through effective foresight.

Discussed Topics:

  • Identifying potential errors and defects in existing processes.
  • Understanding the various methods and functions of mistake-proofing strategies.
  • Balancing mistake-proofing efforts with employee or mechanical autonomy.
  • Effective implementation of mistake-proofing resources.
  • The interactions between automation and mistake-proofing activities.
  • Mistake-proofing at each stage of production.

DURATION: One Half-Day Session + Optional Activity

LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: In-Person Classroom / Virtual

SCHEDULE: Next virtual session starts November 19, 2024


Training is available in English.

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