Mentorship in Manufacturing

Building Effective Mentor-Mentee Relationships in the Workplace. This training program explores workplace mentorship, emphasizing the importance of positive relationships and employee engagement in manufacturing. Participants will learn how to be effective mentors, identify teaching opportunities, and develop mentees. Gain valuable skills to foster a successful mentorship culture in your organization.


This training program includes the following 5 courses:

Course 1: Introduction to Mentorship

Mentorship in the workplace is an excellent way to increase engagement, transfer skills and it also helps career development. This course will introduce you to what to expect in this series of courses. 

Course 2: What it Means to be a Mentor

This module introduces you to workplace engagement and its importance in manufacturing. You will learn why employee engagement is important in the manufacturing industry, how to recognize if employees are engaged in their organization, and how to increase engagement. 

Course 3: Mentorship in Manufacturing

In this module you will learn to recognize the impact of positive relationships in the workplace, recognize  the importance of positive relationships as a mentor and to identify key elements to creating positive relationships in the workplace. 

Course 4: Mentorship for New Employees

In this module you will learn to recognize opportunities to teach in the workplace, recognize the benefits of training others, determine unique skills gained from your life experiences to use as tools to teach and train others, recognize signs a mentee needs training and finally to identify the steps to teach a mentee. 

Course 5: Developing Mentees

In this module you will learn to recognize that creating opportunities is part of your role as a mentor, recognize types of mentee opportunities and how to take action when an opportunity arises. 


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