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Mechanical Fundamentals

Gain foundational knowledge in mechanical engineering with this program covering blueprint reading, materials, shop practices, threads, lubrication, seals, and equipment installation. Perfect for beginners and those seeking a refresher.


This training program includes the following 7 courses:

Course 1: Blueprint Reading

This is an introduction of how to read basic mechanical drawings that show the technical design of three dimensional objects. Knowing how to read a blueprint is useful for implementing designs, navigating designs, and diagnosing any problems. Estimated Duration: 30 minutes 

Course 2: Materials

This is an introduction you the different stress and strain properties of common materials. Estimated Duration: 25 minutes  

Course 3: Shop Practices

This is an introduction to measurement and hand tools found in the shop. Estimated Duration: 30 minutes 

Course 4: Threads and Fasteners

This is an introduction to the basic properties and types of threads and fasteners.   Estimated Duration: 30 minutes 

Course 5: Lubrication

This is an introduction to Friction and Lubrication. It covers the properties of different lubrications and their applications. Estimated Duration: 45 minutes  

Course 6: Seals

This is an introduction to dynamic and static seals and sealant compounds. This includes their uses in both liquid and gas sealing applications. Estimated Duration: 15 minutes 

Course 7: Installation and Levelling

This is an overview of equipment installation and levelling techniques.
Estimated Duration: 15 minutes  


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