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Remaining productive can often seem like a challenge for business leaders. During this course, participants receive instruction on how to resolve issues efficiently, creating a steady stream of high-quality output and keeping their workforce engaged. Through the strategies discussed here, participants can ensure consistent reliability in their department’s activities.


Training Summary:

In a world of constant distractions, being able to remain consistently productive can often seem like a significant challenge for business leaders, managers, and administrators. Fortunately, by applying a few straightforward self-management practices, you can keep yourself, your team, and your organization motivated to overcome any workplace obstacle!

During this day-long session, you’ll receive industry-leading expertise on how to maintain focus and resolve issues efficiently, creating a steady stream of high-quality output and keeping your workforce engaged. The impact of this course’s material isn’t limited to individual development, either – through the strategies discussed here, you’ll be able to strengthen productivity across your own teams, and ensure constant accountability in your department’s efforts.

Discussed Topics:


  • Creating time-sensitive objectives aligned with long-term priorities.
  • Short-term planning strategies that can create availability for goal achievement.
  • Establishing productive workplace habits.
  • Developing healthy routines centred around thinking, planning, reflecting, and communicating.

Staying Focused:

  • Addressing important priorities by reducing low-value distractions.
  • Eliminating redundant self-imposed work (misplaced perfectionism, unneeded management, etc.)
  • Managing expectations, building professional relationships, and setting mutual goals through confident communication.

Detail Management:

  • Organizing tasks, follow-up actions, and general commitments to prevent mistakes.
  • Taking advantage of productivity features in common workplace technology.

Email Etiquette:

  • Responding to email in a productive manner.
  • Creating and maintaining effective, accessible email folder systems.

Managing Engagement:

  • Prioritizing and communicating individual values and goals.
  • Scheduling time for personal endeavours.

Asking Self-Management Questions:

  • In which area do I most want to improve?
  • How am I going to achieve my goals?
  • What specific actions am I going to take towards self-improvement over the next 60 days?

DURATION: One Day Session


SCHEDULE: Please contact Amy Edwards, EMC's Training Manager, at 1-866-323-4362 for upcoming course dates and times.

Training is available in English.

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