Introduction to Hydraulics

Delve into the world of hydraulics and gain a deep understanding of pressure, flow, and control in hydraulic systems. From basic concepts to advanced components, this comprehensive program empowers you with essential knowledge for engineering success.


This training program includes the following 10 courses:

Course 1: Concepts of Pressure and Flow

Understanding the concepts presented here will help you understand the science behind the functioning of the hydraulic systems. Estimated Duration: 60 minutes 

Course 2: Hydraulic Fluids

This is a moderately in-depth look at properties and important role of hydraulic fluids. Estimated Duration: 60 minutes 

Course 3: Reservoirs and Piping

This is comprehensive look at hydraulic reservoirs and piping, their purpose, function and how they are shown in hydraulic diagrams. Estimated Duration: 45 minutes 

Course 4: Contamination and Filtration

A detailed look at how hydraulic oil is kept free of contamination. This includes the effects of contaminated oil and filters that need to be changed.  Estimated Duration: 45 minutes 

Course 5: Pumps

Here you will learn about the types of hydraulic pumps, each ones benefits, how they operate and how to identify them. Estimated Duration: 45 minutes 

Course 6: Hydraulic Cylinders and Motors

This is a comprehensive introduction to various hydraulic actuators that convert hydraulic energy into mechanical work. Estimated Duration: 60 minutes 

Course 7: Pressure Control Valves

This covers pressure control valves, their uses and how they operate. Estimated Duration: 30 minutes 

Course 8: Flow Control Valves

Flow control valves, their purpose, how they operate, the concepts of meter-in, meter-out, and bleed off circuits are covered here. Estimated Duration: 45 minutes  

Course 9: Directional Control Valves

This covers the operation, terminology and schematic representation of directional control valves. Estimated Duration: 30 minutes 

Course 10: Final Assessment

This final assessment was designed to help verify your understanding of all the Hydraulics topics covered. Estimated Duration: 60 minutes 


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