Implementing Workplace Safety

Stoking employee awareness of new or updated Health and Safety protocol is often a challenge in busy manufacturing workplaces. During this course, participants learn about the most effective ways to disseminate knowledge of newly-implemented Health and Safety practices, and discuss the importance of making this protocol accessible.


Course Summary:

This Understanding and Implementing a Health & Safety Program is designed for organization owners, managers and supervisors to provide them with a BLUE PRINT for establishing an ongoing and effective system to enhance the health & safety of the workplace. It is also an effective educational tool for Workplace Safety Committee members so they too will understand how an effective program should look and function.

Discussed Topics:

  • Health & Safety System
  • Workplace Laws & Regulations
  • Responsibilities
  • Workplace Hazards
  • Workp[lace Inspections
  • Workplace Investigations

DURATION: Contact EMC for duration


SCHEDULE: Please contact Amy Edwards, EMC's Training Manager, at 1-866-323-4362 for upcoming course dates and times.

Training is available in English.

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Amy Edwards
Training Manager
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