Health, Safety and the Law

Ontario’s Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training, and Skills Development requires all manufacturing leaders to have a complete understanding of the province’s Health and Safety practices, and to instruct their own teams on upholding these practices in the workplace.


Course Summary: During this course, participants will learn about a wide variety of topics related to Health and Safety throughout a vast array of production activities, and will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to instruct their employees on these same subjects.
Session material discusses the various laws and regulations surrounding Health and Safety in manufacturing workplaces, and informs attendees of their legal obligations to their employees, colleagues, and organizations. This course is an essential introduction to Health and Safety practices for manufacturing leaders of any type, and serves as a necessary resource for all Health and Safety representatives in the manufacturing sector. To learn more about the MLITSD’s requirements for Health and Safety training, see the Ministry’s program guidelines.

Discussed Topics:

  • Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act: Why is it important?
  • What are the duties and responsibilities of employers, employees, supervisors, and Health and Safety Representatives in the manufacturing industry?
  • What does the Health and Safety Representative’s role entail, and how do they keep their workplaces safe?
  • Recognizing hazards
  • Conducting effective workplace inspections
  • Conducting accident and incident investigations
  • Making safety recommendations to employers and administrators
  • Continuously improving Health and Safety practices

DURATION: Contact EMC for course duration


Training is available in English.

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