Electrical Motor Controls

This program covers DC motors, single-phase AC motors, three-phase AC motors, motor nameplate data, code requirements, motor components, electronic motor components, packaged motor drives, and motor control diagrams.


This training program includes the following 9 courses:

Course 1: DC Motors

Here you will be shown how a DC motor is constructed, as well as how it operates. You will also be introduced to four different types of DC motors. Estimated Duration: 75 minutes 

Course 2: Single Phase AC Motors

AC motors, or alternating current motors, are used for various applications. Here we will explore the operation of a single phase AC motor, as well as the characteristics of split phase, capacitor start, capacitor start/run, and capacitor run motors. Estimated Duration: 45 minutes 

Course 3: Three Phase AC Motors

This introduction focuses on the components of a three phase AC motor and the characteristics of squirrel cage, synchronous, and wound rotor motors. Estimated Duration: 50 minutes 

Course 4: Interpreting Motor Nameplate Data

Here you will learn about the items that must be included on a motors nameplate, as well as other fields that appear on the nameplate and there importance. Estimated Duration: 20 minutes 

Course 5: Applying Code Requirements to Motor Circuits

This is a basic introduction to the code requirements of the National Electrical Code for various aspects of the installation of a motor. Estimated Duration: 30 minutes 

Course 6: Electrical Motor Components

This is an introduction to buttons, switches, pilot lights, solenoids, relays, AC and DC components, motor starters, control transformers, and sensors used in control systems. Estimated Duration: 30 minutes 

Course 7: Electronic Motor Components

This is on overview of electronic components like inductors, capacitors, diodes, rectifiers, and thyristors found in motor controls. Estimated Duration: 30 minutes 

Course 8: Packaged Motor Drives

Here you will learn the basics of DC motor drives, variable frequency drives (VFD), and reduced voltage soft starts. Estimated Duration: 20 minutes 

Course 9: Motor Control Diagrams

This is an introduction to electrical line and ladder diagrams and the symbols that you may encounter. These diagrams are compared to a pictorial representations of basic motor control circuits circuit. It also provides an understanding of basic motor control circuits and components. Estimated Duration: 90 minutes 


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