Electrical Fundamentals

This training program offers a concise yet comprehensive exploration of electrical circuits and components. Participants will learn about circuit configurations, Ohm's Law, electrical codes, alternating current (AC) theory, and electrical transformers. Gain valuable insights and knowledge in a time-efficient manner with estimated durations for each course.


This training program includes the following 5 courses:

Course 1: Electrical Circuits

In this introduction to electric circuits, we explore the essential elements, different configurations, and three distinct types of circuits: series, parallel, and combination. You will learn how to determine unknown variables within each circuit type. Estimated Duration: 75 minutes 

Course 2: Ohm's Law

This is an overview of essential equations like Ohm's Law and the power formula, which are useful for resolving different electrical issues. Estimated Duration: 30 minutes 

Course 3: Electrical Code

This is a brief introduction to electrical codes. Electrical codes provide guidelines for the safe installation, use and maintenance of electrical components. Estimated Duration: 30 minutes 

Course 4: Alternating Current

This introduction to the basic theory of alternating current (AC) includes defining AC, exploring how AC is generated, and its general characteristics within various types of electrical circuits. Estimated Duration: 45 minutes 

Course 5: Electrical Transformers

This introduction to transformers looks at their basic components and principle of operation. Estimated Duration: 40 minutes 


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