Digital Proficiency

This program offers essential courses in digital literacy and skills, enabling participants to become adept at using digital devices and web platforms for work and everyday tasks. Gain confidence in managing accounts, internet safety, email features, and more. Ideal for excelling in the digital age.


This training program includes the following 2 courses:

Course 1: Digital Literacy

An introduction to digital devices that are often needed for work: mobile phones, computers and tablets. This module covers important basics to help people become familiar with different types of devices and how they can use them to carry out a variety of tasks. Participants will learn how to find the main features on their devices, locate and adjust basic settings, explore common functions and learn how to navigate the most common apps such as the phone, email, messaging, the camera and code scanners. After completing the module, participants will have a basic understanding of how to keep their devices secure as they use the internet, and how to find solutions for some common problems that may occur. 

Course 2: Digital Skills

After completing this module you will be able to login and manage your accounts, navigate web pages, practice internet safety, use common features of emails, and use basic features of a meetings app.


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