Arc Flash Safety Awareness

Arc flash — an instance when an electrical current leaves its intended path — can occur in any environment where exposed electronics are regularly interacted with. This session describes what causes arc flashes, how they can be prevented, and the necessary Health and Safety practices that must be employed to eliminate them.


Training Summary:

This session will provide Participants with an understanding of what Arc Flash is, its causes and how potentially damaging it can be. The session will explain the nature of regulations regarding electrical equipment maintenance and repair and why only “Qualified” personnel should carry out such procedures. It will teach non-qualified workers how to recognize Arc Flash areas and what procedures are in place that they must follow to protect themselves for possible injury.

Discussed Topics:

  • Introduction to Arc Flash
  • Electrical Safety Requirements
  • Hazard Control Measure
  • Approach Boundaries
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Labelling and Permits
  • Summary & Conclusion

DURATION: Contact EMC for duration


SCHEDULE: Please contact Amy Edwards, EMC's Training Manager, at 1-866-323-4362 for upcoming course dates and times.

Training is available in English.

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Amy Edwards
Training Manager
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