8-D Problem Solving

During this course, participants learn about the 8-D model of problem-solving — a set of eight issue-resolution tools that can be utilized to overcome common workplace obstacles. A range of 8-D resources will be discussed, and participants will employ their problem-solving skills through a collaborative exercise.


Course Summary:

Being able to effectively address and overcome a wide range of problems is critical to success in manufacturing, but employees can often find it difficult to understand which strategies to apply when doing so. Throughout this two-day course, we’ll dive into the 8-Discipline (“8D”) model of problem-solving — a set of eight issue-resolution tools that can be utilized by workers of any position, department, or industry to overcome common workplace obstacles.

We’ll also discuss a range of complementary resources that heighten the impact of the 8D model’s processes, and allow participants to employ their problem-solving skills with a team-based exercise. The material discussed in this course is valuable for manufacturing workers across the corporate ladder, and is a basic element of maintaining an effective organization!

Discussed Topics:

  • Understanding the 8D problem-solving model.
  • In-depth utilization of common problem-solving tools.
  • Brainstorming, experimentation, verification, evaluation, validation, and standardization techniques.
  • Confidently tackling everyday business problems, including: - Quality Defects - Machine Downtime - Sub-Optimal Process Performance - Customer Complaints - Waste - Overcoming internal process breakdowns

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to the 8D problem-solving model.
  • Analysis of common problem-solving tools.
  • Understanding how to overcome common workplace challenges.
  • Applying problem-solving skills through a team-based exercise.

DURATION: 1-2 Day-Long Sessions


SCHEDULE: Please contact Amy Edwards, EMC's Training Manager, at 1-866-323-4362 for upcoming course dates and times.

Training is available in English.

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Amy Edwards
Training Manager
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