Arc Flash Assessment and Analysis

CSA Z462 Workplace Electrical Safety is one such consensus standard that provides very detailed guidance.

Understanding Arc Flash Most electrical accidents are the result of either electrical contact with an energized electrical conductor or an arc flash event. An arc flash event usually results when the insulation or the isolation distance between energized conductors is compromised, permitting electric current to flow through the air between these conductors. Common causes of arc flash are lack of or improper electrical equipment maintenance and poor work practices such as working on energized electrical equipment. Incidents can also occur when a worker mistakenly assumes or fails to verify that equipment has been properly de-energized.

Costly Consequences Arc flash accidents result in very serious burn injuries as well as other physical trauma caused by intense blast pressures and flying particles released during an electrical arc flash event. According to statistics, between five and ten arc flash accidents causing serious injuries or fatality in North America every day. If a victim survives, they often have lifetime health concerns as a result of the accident; which is devastating for both the victim and his/her family. In addition to the personal consequences, the financial consequences for employers are very serious. History indicates that a serious (but survived) arc flash accident will ultimately have significant direct and indirect expenses, including financial losses due to manufacturing process interruptions caused by equipment damage.

Protect Your Most Valuable Assets Industry standards are in place to address these electrical hazards, and provide guidance to employers and their employees to help them understand how to protect themselves from these hazards. CSA Z462 Workplace Electrical Safety is one such consensus standard that provides very detailed guidance.

Analysis Features and Benefits

  1. Report is presented in a clear, easy to understand tabular format
  2. Takes the guess work out of PPE selection
  3. Recommendations include methods to reduce arc flash incident energy levels and enhance worker safety
  4. Optional power equipment arc flash information labels for attachment to existing enclosures
  5. Optional onsite electrical safety training for your staff

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