A Roadmap to Growth for Alberta Manufacturers


Are you a stakeholder in the Alberta manufacturing sector? Are you looking for information about and solutions for attraction, recruitment, and retention challenges?

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A labour market study in Alberta

The manufacturing sector has long been a significant contributor to Alberta’s economy with one in twenty workers (or 122,300) in Alberta employed in the sector. The sector contributed $23.4 billion (8%) to the province's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

EMC is currently conducting an unprecedented deep-dive labour market study in Alberta’s manufacturing sector. The purpose is to understand the state of manufacturing in 20+subsectors, engaging with 3,000 manufacturers, and resulting in a solutions roadmap informed by industry. Additionally, EMC will be focusing on youth, our next generation of workers and newcomers as important and sometimes overlooked contributors to the labour market.

The Province of Alberta is working in partnership with the Government of Canada to provide employment support programs and services.

  • Summary
  • Project Phases
  • Survey Results & Updates

The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • gather input about your company’s labour market needs and recruitment, attraction, and retention strategies and challenges
  • gather input from school boards , post-secondary institutions, and community organizations about the availability of content-appropriate and just-in-time training programs
  • optimize an interactive, online resource providing key information and benchmarking tools in the manufacturing sector
  • inform effective solutions and programming to benefit manufacturers and other stakeholders in Alberta, helping the sector make well-informed workforce development decisions
  • create a community of stakeholders across the province brainstorming solutions through webinar and workshop networking opportunities
  • wrap up the project with solutions and partnerships for the sector, including a growth to Alberta manufacturing action plan

Benefits to participating:

  • access to province-wide and regional labour market insights to benchmark against industry average.
  • opportunity to network with manufacturing peers, discuss real time data on industry challenges and tailored solutions with representatives from municipalities, education and post-secondary, community and sector associations.
  • be a part of grass roots solutions-building to solidify programming that works for Alberta manufacturers, both at the local and provincial levels

ManufacturingGPS: Roadmap to Growth for Alberta Manufacturing is committed to finding solutions to labour market challenges in Alberta by working with and understanding the needs of manufacturers and manufacturing stakeholders in up to seven regions across Alberta.


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Contact: Cindy Messaros, Alberta Manufacturing Initiatives Consultant

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