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Zochem ULC

Founded in 1933, Zochem ULC is one of Canada’s leading producers of zinc oxide powder, and is the largest manufacturer of zinc oxide in North America. Based out of Brampton, Ontario, Zochem employs nearly 200 employees across its Canadian and American production facilities, and provides premium-quality zinc oxide to over 700 customers internationally.

Zochem’s products are available in powder and pellet form, and are utilized by a broad array of industries including rubber, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, electronics, and fertilizer markets. With export agents stationed across Asia, Europe, and the Americas, Zochem services markets throughout the globe, and has gained an international reputation for chemical manufacturing excellence.

Consistently dedicated to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility, Zochem is well-known for its scrap zinc purchasing and recycling activities. Through this work, Zochem has forged strong professional relationships with a variety of fellow chemical manufacturers, and commands a wide-reaching sphere of influence in several countries’ zinc oxide spaces. Zochem’s corporate values revolve entirely around the creation of the highest-quality product possible, accessibility, and providing an optimal customer experience. Zochem places a great deal of pride in its facilities’ safety performance and environmental sustainability. Zochem ULC is an ISO 14001 and ISO 9001:2015 Certified facility.

Learn more about Zochem’s products, activities, and programs at the official Zochem website, and visit the Zochem LinkedIn page for more information.

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