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Woodtone is a family run business with 40 years of producing quality products for our customers. The products we create are the choice of builders, architects, and homeowners throughout North America. Woodtone's products and services make homes look great and perform over the long term, without sacrificing the environment. The trust associated with the company has been earned by two generations of dedicated and passionate people that make up the Woodtone family.

Woodtone’s vision is to grow and develop their people and systems to ever increase the value they are delivering. They strive to design, manufacture and market the finest building products in home interiors and exteriors. Throughout the company, there’s a strong commitment to building a sustainable future while carrying on the proud family business and legacy that was started so many years ago. It’s a legacy of excellence and innovation that respects the past yet inspires the future. It’s a story about family and community. It’s about building homes that aren’t just beautiful, but they’re also built to last.

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