For over 25 years, Visscher Speciality Products has provided consumers across the nation with the highest-quality outdoor living spaces on the market. Centred in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Visscher is one of North America’s leading manufacturers of leisure structures and related accessories and features, and provides its clients with a broad range of customization options to tailor their outdoor living spaces exactly how they please.

All of Visscher’s products are manufactured from top-quality Canadian lumber, and the company prides itself on offering well-built, attractive, domestically-produced goods. Visscher maintains a vast network of outdoor living space dealers across the nation, and sources the materials for its structures through its own on-site lumber mill and sheet metal roll-formers.

Visscher Speciality Products’ corporate values are tightly focused around creating sturdy, durable structures, providing effective customer support, and overseeing every aspect of its production line to ensure that its high standards of quality are consistently met. The products and service offered by Visscher have received accolades from a wide range of consumers and dealers alike, and the company has been a staple of its local community since established in the late 1960s. Moving forward, Visscher aims to continue producing premium open-air, semi-enclosed, and fully-enclosed outdoor recreation structures, and will strive to maintain the level of efficiency, productivity, and manufacturing excellence that it is known for.

To learn more about Visscher Specialty Products’ background, contact information, and range of outdoor living structures, visit the company’s website today!

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