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Urban Steel Products Inc.

Urban Steel Products caters to projects of all sizes from Residential Architectural Projects to Mid-Rise and High-Rise Structural Projects. Our dynamic company can adapt from fabricating elegant interior designs, meeting architect’s expectations with precision, to large scale industrial foundational steel.

Structural Steel We fabricate angles, flat bars, reinforcement plates, embeds, beams, columns, channels, lintels, elevator beams, egress ladders, I-Beams and more. Our services range from simply cutting to fabricating and installing. The fabricated products are used on a wide variety of projects, including high-rise.

Architectural Steel Urban Steel’s clients include Architects, Designers, Homeowners and Builders. We provide complete service from conception to execution which differentiates us from others. We fabricate a wide range of custom architectural steel like canopies, stairs, railings, window wells, doors, planter boxes, fireplaces and more. We understand the needs and expectations of our clients and we thrive in working with them in achieving our goals collectively.

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