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In 2020, Ultra Maritime embraced a new brand, introducing OneUltra to our customers and stakeholders. Our OneUltra journey aims to provide better solutions for customers and to continue to make Ultra a great place to work. Ultra Maritime was recently recognized as one of Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada’s Top Employers for 2021. In 2020 alone, Ultra Maritime grew by 75 talented and dedicated individuals, and anticipate an additional 85 in 2021.

Without our team, we wouldn’t be able to provide our wide portfolio of activities to our customers. Our market-leading mission systems and application engineering solutions continue to deliver dominance in the maritime domain. Our broad portfolio of capabilities is operational on naval fleets across the US, UK and allied navies worldwide. We continue to develop advanced specialist systems to deliver warfighting edge in the modern maritime and underwater battlespace.

This continues to be an exciting time for Ultra Maritime. While we are growing in numbers of employees, we are also expanding our current facility. Our Dartmouth Ultra Maritime building has been around for more than 50 years and we’re happy to finally be embarking on a facility expansion. The new facility will help us continue to provide critical and intelligent systems in the defence and security market.

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