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Tube Mac Piping Technologies

Tube Mac Piping Technologies is donating $25,000 to the Red Cross and is asking other businesses in this area to do the same. Owner Gary Mackay says a lot of Hamilton companies have generated income because of Alberta and it’s time to give back. The company currently has 6 employees installing piping just north of Fort McMurray and fortunately they are all safe. MacKay says Canadians have been supportive of international emergencies and it’s now time to support our own.

About: Tube-Mac® Piping Technologies (est. 1977) is a dynamic company internationally renowned for their “Non-Welded” Piping Systems and Components as well as their problem solving and design services. Tube-Mac embraces the challenge to explore and develop improvements over traditional installation methods of piping. Tube-Mac utilizes three technologically advanced systems; TMI® 37° Flare Flange, TMI Retain Ring Flange and PYPLOK® mechanically attached fittings as more cost-effective alternatives to welded piping systems. These systems can be installed and flushed in one tenth of the time compared to conventional welded systems resulting in overall cost savings of up to 65%. Their team of project managers and highly skilled technicians are trained to develop the most cost effective pipe routing. They have the ability to field fabricate and install piping systems or train local contractors on the proper use of Tube-Mac’s specialized equipment. Tube-Mac is innovative, reliable and committed to providing exceptional service along with the highest quality products. The company’s belief is that their future is in their customers’ success.

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